Videos: Streifen

A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the World
WW2 contrails over Belgium
Wing Vortex Footages (Playlist)
Epic Sunrise Views from A380 Cockpit!
Aerodynamisch: FedEx B777 Rainbow Contrail
Awesome A380 Contrails!
Air-to-Air with Airbus A380 (contrails)
Airbus A340 very CLOSE fly-by
B747 Contrails
Inbetween Two Boeing747 Over Siberia
Contrail flying dead straight through another contrail
Contrails Behind Jumbo Jet Close Watch
Flying through contrails HD
31.08.2011 - Entstehung von Kondensstreifen
Das Märchen von den Chemtrails - Flyer der BI "Sauberer Himmel"