Ballasttanks Boeing 747-8, RC521, N5017Q cn 36136/1421

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Aus dem Dokument „Take a Peek Inside the 747-8 Test Plane“:

„Aft ballast tanks and static cone cable reel“

„The interiors are all business for flight test. In the front of the airplane, there are 16 water ballast tanks with another 16 in the aft end. A single ballast tank also sits closer to the middle and it looks like there's a spot for one more across the aisle.“

„These tanks are filled with water and engineers can transfer water between the tanks during flight to shift the weight of simulated cargo or passengers. The center of gravity, or CG as pilots call it, is important to the flight characteristics of any airplane. During flight test, Boeing must ensure the plane is safe and efficient at full forward and full aft CG as well as any combination between the two.“